Ephesians Study Day 18

Today we continue in Chapter 5 with a whole laundry list of things that Christians ought NOT to do!  Read verses 3-20 just for a listing of those, though the most important one in there is verse 10:  Try to find out what is pleasing to the Lord!  

And at the beginning of the video I mention an outline of chapters 4-6 as to how Paul talks about the "actions" of the Christian life, after the "assurances" of the Christian life in chapters 1-3.  Here's that summary of chapters 4-6:

Walk in Unity - 4:1-16

Walk in Purity - 4:17-5:20

Walk in Harmony - 5:21-6:9

Walk in Victory - 6:10-24

So there you have the outline - now listen in to the video:

And just for fun, since it's October 31, listen in to this wonderful version of Bach;s Toccata in D Minor.  How do his fingers move so quickly?!?


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